Saracen Bay Resort – Cambodia

Lizard we found in our room one day
Our surprise roommate at Saracen Bay Resort

Koh Rong Samloemn is a small island in the Gulf of Thailand about 1.5 hrs boat ride from Sihanoukville, Cambodia. This island is relatively small and tranquil, a place to really just relax. There is another island near by called Koh Rong, which is much larger and usually trafficked by a more rowdy crowd. Because of this it’s really important that when you are booking a place to stay, you select the island you actually want, as a lot of people often mix them up. Continue reading Saracen Bay Resort – Cambodia

Riverside Paradise – Kampot

SunsetWhen deciding what places to visit in Cambodia my husband and I had a hard time deciding between Kep and Kampot. Kep is promoted as a resort beach town to spend lazy days at high end hotels while Kampot located on a river and has a bit more local action. Since we were just coming from a small Island, we figured we had enough beach time for a bit and settled on Kampot. Continue reading Riverside Paradise – Kampot

10 Inexpensive Things to do in & Around Munich

  1. Free walking tour with the BEST tour guide I have ever had, Ozzie. I love doing these types of tours on my first day since they give you a great overall feel for the layout of the city, a great history lesson and some local inside information. Tour leaves from Wombats Hostel – Pay what you think the tour is worth. Continue reading 10 Inexpensive Things to do in & Around Munich

Cafe Beira Gare – Lisbon

Courtesy of mvinagre on flickr
Courtesy of mvinagre on flickr

The one thing you’ll learn to understand about me is that I travel for the experience, but just as equally for the food, especially street food. I love trying things just because they look good, not knowing exactly what it is. Sometimes it turns out badly but usually I’m rewarded with a new favorite food.

One of my favorite places on my trip to Lisbon was Cafe Beira Gare. It is this small cramped restaurant right outside of the main train station in Lisbon. The large window out front looks in over their kitchen where you can see stewing meats and small snacks that just beg you to come in to give them a try. Continue reading Cafe Beira Gare – Lisbon