Nashville Airport BNA

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  The first thing I noticed about the airport is that while the decor is a bit out dated with it’s 1970s brown signage is that it does have a lot of great amenities. The airport connects all terminals so … Continued

A Review of Copa Airlines

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For our flight from Washington Dulles Airport to Lima Peru, we ended up booking our flights with Copa Airlines. Both of us had never flown with Copa Airlines flight but have heard and read horrible things. They were offering the … Continued

How Much Does 2 Weeks in Peru Cost?

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My husband and I just spent two weeks in Peru and we didn’t break the bank. Peru is known for its Incan History and ruins, specifically Machu Picchu, though the country has much more to offer. While we didn’t get … Continued

Why Google Flights is Awesome

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Check out this article by the Huffington Post about Google Flights.  Try  #4 to get the best price or #1 and let your inner adventurer wander by selecting a region instead of a specific destination.  

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