Using Credit Card Points for a Cheap Vacation

My husband and I are coming up on the 10 year anniversary of when we met. We have known each other for 1/3 of our lives – its crazy! To celebrate this milestone, we are heading back to where it all started, Europe. I met my husband back in 2007 during a “study abroad” semester for political science students in Washington, D.C. We were both in the International Law & Organizations group which included an internship in D.C. at the Hudson Institute, a trip to the U.N. in NYC and a 3 week trip to Europe where we visited amazing institutions like NATO, Continue reading “Using Credit Card Points for a Cheap Vacation”

italki – An Affordable Flexible Language Learning Program You Can Actually Stick With

I have studied several different languages for various reasons: because they were required for school (Spanish and French), would help me get into a good college (Latin), to get more in touch with my heritage (Portuguese), to get a better job (Arabic), because I was traveling somewhere and wanted to pick up some key terms (Czech, Polish, German, Thai, Khmer). All of this was done through varying platforms including traditional group classes, free online apps, podcasts, foreign radio stations, reading, audio tapes, and self study books. The hardest part about learning a language is finding a format you can stick with: it has to be affordable, work for your lifestyle and meet your language learning needs. Enter italki. Continue reading “italki – An Affordable Flexible Language Learning Program You Can Actually Stick With”

Kentucky Bourbon – Top Distilleries

Sometimes we forget that there are really amazing places to see not only abroad but also in the United States. My husband is fortunate to have a job that lets him travel stateside once or twice a year and my job allows me to telework quite frequently so it’s a no-brainer when my husband gets an assignment for me to go with him. We both work during the day and then spend the afternoons and evenings exploring often extending his trip over the weekend cutting down on expenses. He might not get the most glamorous destinations, but there is something to do everywhere. Continue reading “Kentucky Bourbon – Top Distilleries”

21C Museum Hotel Exhibits- Lousiville, KY, USA

On our trip to Louisville, our hotel recommended we check out the lobby of the 21C Museum Hotel. We weren’t expecting much since it was a hotel lobby, but we were surprised by all of the cool exhibits. The exhibits are definitely modern and not to everyone’s taste, but it’s a fun (and free) way to spend an hour or two. Nearby you’ll also find the Louisville Slugger and Muhammad Ali Museums.

Continue reading “21C Museum Hotel Exhibits- Lousiville, KY, USA”

6 Reasons to Skip Cusco and Stay in Ollantaytambo

Travelers usually choose to go to Cusco as their jumping off point to Machu Picchu skipping over the amazing little town of Ollantaytambo. After visiting both, I would highly recommend skipping Cusco (entirely) and heading to Ollantaytambo. Here are 6 reasons why: Continue reading “6 Reasons to Skip Cusco and Stay in Ollantaytambo”

Nashville Airport BNA

The first thing I noticed about the airport is that while the decor is a bit out dated with it’s 1970s brown signage is that it does have a lot of great amenities.

The airport connects all terminals so you can go from A to B to C if meeting friends or if you want to try a restaurant in a different area while waiting for your flight. One of the greatest things I found was that the airport had a nail salon. Why is this the first time I am seeing a nail salon in an airport terminal? It makes SO much sense. People have to wait at the airport for their flights, often at an hour or more and in that time you can relax in a comfy massage chair and get a pedicure or manicure while you wait. After getting a manicure on my way back home, I would hope that other airports start to catch on. Continue reading “Nashville Airport BNA”

10 Inexpensive Things to Do in & Around Munich

  1. Free walking tour with the BEST tour guide I have ever had, Ozzie. I love doing these types of tours on my first day since they give you a great overall feel for the layout of the city, a great history lesson and some local inside information. Tour leaves from Wombats Hostel – Pay what you think the tour is worth. Continue reading “10 Inexpensive Things to Do in & Around Munich”

Copa Airlines – Not the Greatest Airline

For our flight from Washington Dulles Airport to Lima Peru, we ended up booking our flights with Copa Airlines. Both of us had never flown with Copa Airlines flight but have heard and read horrible things. They were offering the cheapest flight ($540 each) with the shortest layovers so we thought we’d chance it. Surprisingly, our first two legs of the trip from the U.S. were really pleasant. Unfortunately, we had some hospitality issues on the flight back which made us give booking with Copa again a second thought. Continue reading “Copa Airlines – Not the Greatest Airline”

How Much Will 2 Weeks in Peru Cost?

My husband and I just spent two weeks in Peru and we didn’t break the bank. Peru is known for its Incan History and ruins, specifically Machu Picchu, though the country has much more to offer. While we didn’t get to see nearly as much as we wanted, I think we got a good taste of Peru. Continue reading “How Much Will 2 Weeks in Peru Cost?”

Why You Should Ditch the Wheelie Bag and Get a Backpack

I recently was talking with a coworker of mine that was heading to Peru two weeks before me. We were swapping things to do, what to bring and then he asked what kind of a bag I usually bring. When I said a backpack, not much bigger than the one I travel to and from work with he seemed really perplexed. It was his first time to a non western country and I tried to explain why I always travel with a backpack, not only internationally but when I go home for Christmas, on weekend getaways, you name it. They just make so much more sense to me. I thought it might be helpful to post the reasons why a backpack is almost always better than a wheelie bag, no matter where you are traveling to: Continue reading “Why You Should Ditch the Wheelie Bag and Get a Backpack”